10 Characteristics of Customers Who Love How We Help Them

Ideal CRM for Small Business clients have 10 unique characteristics. How well matched is your business and ours?

  1. You are an above the line thinker.
    Above The Line / Below The Line (credit: JamesAshford.com)

    Above The Line / Below The Line (credit: JamesAshford.com)

    (Want to know what that is? Watch this.). If you're not, stop reading this now.

  2. You are a go-getting entrepreneur, running a business in one of our niches where  we have an established track record in and deep expertise, or in a niche with similar lead generation, nurturing and conversion characteristics (and challenges!!!):
    • physical therapy businesses;
    • franchise organisations;
    • photographers;
    • carpet cleaners;
    • home improvement businesses (kitchen designers, hot tub and spa retailers);
    • accountancy, or;
    • or are running an e-commerce business on the Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce or WooCommerce store platform.
  3. You're a straight-talker, but a pragmatist, and have got an opinion about the good, the bad and the ugly in your own market sector.
  4. You want to forge a clearer path to making your business stand out from the crowd. We can probably help one another.
  5. You run a small but growing business and are keen to grow it further. You fear business “mediocrity”.
  6. You're proud to run a small business that serves your customers, employs people and makes you - or has the potential to make you - a good income.
  7. You've wondered how you can get more out of your business through using technology or making better use of the technology you have. You'd welcome somebody helping you to do that thinking.
  8. You're committed to own personal development, you're a planner for growth and you seek continual improvement.
  9. You're open to new ideas and savvy ways of marketing, but demand that your time and money are effectively used and financial investments are rewarding and measurable.
  10. You're based in a location where we have a track record for getting the best for clients: whether you are based in the UK's happiest town, Harrogate, somewhere else in God's own county of Yorkshire, elsewhere in the United Kingdom (with most of our customers), in Germany, elsewhere in Europe or are further afield, meeting online - webcams, screen-sharing, recorded training sessions and all - breaks down all the barriers of not being in the same room together. And it's today's most preferred way of working... We're helping clients generate new business as far east as Sydney, Australia and as far west as the US West Coast.

Marketing Technology Should Work as Intended and with Predictable Returns

In the technology sector, you have a healthy scepticism of the marketing practices of both 'technology big brother' and some of the shiny digital marketing agencies who promise the earth and fail to deliver new visitors to your website or paying customers. You want to know that:

  • technology works as intended and that;
  • if it involves a financial investment, that there is a predictable return on making that investment.

You like the potential of marketing technology helping your business but you're not focused on technology for technology's sake. As a small business owner you're not sitting in a corner office of the ivory tower wing of gleaming corporate headquarters. You'd like to be thinking about your marketing, the activities required to get to the next sale, how the finances are looking and keeping things moving onwards and upwards.

But here's the thing.... in running any small business we can sometimes focus only on immediate priorities. This can mean that generating leads, following-up with leads and chasing more business with existing clients can fall by the wayside. I hope there's an opportunity for us to help you plug any of those gaps.

You love working with small businesses. We do too. They bring refreshing honesty and - when they see value in helping one another - they bring the most rewarding relationships.

We hope you like the site and can benefit from what we might help you learn or can bring to your business. If you've spent the last few minutes nodding in appreciation at how we are similar, find out how here: a little bit about us.

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