ResponseTap Account Settings

This article explains how to request all the required ResponseTap account settings, then the next steps to take to configure them to match the ResponseTap call tracking campaign that will be imported into your Infusionsoft account.

[ResponseTap actions] Please ensure that all the following features are enabled in your ResponseTap customer account:

Placeholder features:

In order to be able to create or update contacts on Infusionsoft, URL call backs are utilised, along with the following features. ResponseTap Support can enable the following 5 placeholder features:

  1. Call Recordings
  2. Google Universal Analytics
  3. Missed Call Email Alerts
  4. URL Callbacks - On Call
  5. URL Callbacks - Post Call
ResponseTap - Number Placeholder Features

API Access:

In order to be able to use 1st visit and 1st call lead source attribution in Infusionsoft, API access needs to be granted. ResponseTap support should provide the following 4 details:

Username: [accountnumber/name]_api
API Password: ResponseTap1

Associated Email address: [name]@[domain].com
API Key: e.g. ab12de3a-st35-12km-v919-1jaab8lk3890 (36-character alpha-numeric string containing dashes)

When you receive these details, please send these details to us, then once you have done so, go ahead and get dynamic website placeholders and single numbers set up using these instructions.

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